New Flood Defences for Riverside

As you are probably aware, there is a history of coastal flooding in and around the harbour of West Bay and up the Brit Valley towards Bridport.  Last February was particularly bad and we were fortunate to escape being flooded although at times it was very close.  On St Valentine’s evening with a full restaurant the water came right up level with our footbridge, and I’m sure many of our diners thought they’d be staying the night!    Fortunately, this didn’t happen but considerable damage was made to our flood defences.

At last, we are pleased to inform you that the work on our flood defences has been completed and the results are very pleasing. Some of the old timbers that were deep down in the silt had been there for over 100 years and were in perfect condition. Paddy and his company GP Evans of Dottery did a first class job..

Let’s hope we don’t need to worry about flooding this year!