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Soft Drinks, Beers, Ciders and Spirits

We have a large selection of drinks available. Also see our wine list.

Bottled Beers:

  • Peroni Nastro (330ml, 5.1%),- Italy
  • Becks Blue (275ml, Alcohol free), Germany
  • Otter Bright (500ml, 4.2%), England
  • Otter Bitter (500ml, 3.6%), England
  • Otter Head (500ml, 5.8%), England
  • Otter Ale (500ml, 4.5%)
  • Guinness (330ml, 4.2%) – Ireland

Bottled Ciders:

  • Harry’s Dabinett (500ml/ 4.5%) -Medium
  • Taunton Cider Original (500ml. 4%) Medium


  • Tio Pepe,
  • Manzanilla
  • Harvey’s Bristol Cream


We serve a wide variety of quality spirits and aperitifs in measures of 25ml

Soft Drinks

  • Organic soft drinks from Luscombe Farm, Devon:
  • Wild Elderflower Bubbly (320ml)
  • Spicy Hot Ginger Beer (320ml)
  • Lime Crush, sparkling limes and lemons (320ml)
  • Sicilian Lemonade, a still, cloudy lemonade (320ml)
  • We also serve a range of other soft drinks including coca cola, diet code, lemonade,  Frobishers fruit juices, etc
  • Mineral Water
  • Tarka Springs Still or Sparkling 750ml
  • Tarks Springs Still or Sparkling 330ml