Restaurant a la Carte Menu

(Sample menu)

Portion of Garlic Bread £3.50

A bowl of mixed marinated Harlequin olives Small £2.50 large £3.25


(Customers are welcome to choose several starters if they so wish)

Antipasti. A selection of cured meats & marinated fish with roasted vegetables & olives £8.95
Today’s homemade Soup with a Bread Basket (V) £5.75
A seafood cocktail of Lobster, Crab and Prawns with homemade mayonnaise £12.25

Riverside Seafood Soup with rouille, parmesan & croutons £9.45
Smoked Salmon & home cured Gravadlax with a dill dressing £9.95
Lyme Bay dressed Crab (hand picked and could contain some shell) with homemade mayonnaise £11.25
West Country fresh Mussels Mariniere (wine & shallots) or with cream Half £9.95 Main £18.95

Cornish Oysters with red wine shallot vinegar and tabasco £2.75 each 6 for £16.50

Shellfish and Seafood Platters

Crab Salad served whole or dressed. With a mixed salad £22.50
Half or a whole local Channel Lobster served chilled in its shell or grilled with parsley or garlic butter Market Price, please ask
Seafood Platters or Seafood Salads (nothing live). Platters contain a selection from the finest fresh local shellfish available. Selected from Lobster, Crab, Prawns, Mussels, Oysters and Clams (seasonal) Platter or Salad for one £44.50 Large Platter or Salad (plenty for 2 or more to share) £87.50
Hot Shellfish Platter
includes all the shellfish listed above and is served with a spicy tomato or a garlic and wine sauce £44.50 Half Hot shellfish as above £25.95

Fish Main Course

All fish mains below served with a choice of potatoes OR vegetables OR a light salad

Grilled Lemon Sole fillets with sea salt & lemon £23.50

Daily selection of fresh fish with a bourride sauce (includes shellfish) £23.75

Scampi (breaded whole tail, not made on the premises) deep fried and served with our own Tartar Sauce Starter: £8.95 Main £15.95

West Bay Cod fillet simpy grilled with sea salt, a little butter & lemon £18.25

Lyme Bay Dover Sole please ask for availability and price

Non Fish Meals

See Daily Specials for Meat dish or vegetarian options of the day

8oz 30 day aged Sirloin Steak (cooked as you wish) well done takes 15 minutes, with balsamic roasted cherry vine tomatoes, grilled Portobello mushroom £21.95

with a choice of bearnaise sauce or green peppercorn sauce £1.50 extra

Side Orders & Salads

Light salad (baby leaves, sweet cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, sliced radish and beetroot), french dressing optional £2.95

Green Salad £2.60

New potatoes or saute (deep fried) or chips £3.25

Greek Salad with traditional feta, slow roasted tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and olives

Small: £5.50 Large: £9.50