All Change at the Riverside

It’s all change at The Riverside Restaurant, West Bay, with Neil Chilcott (Chilli) selling up after 40 years.

He worked for the Watson family for many years, in various capacities, but in recent years as overall manager, and had the opportunity to purchase the business a few years ago.

He feels that he has achieved his ambition in owning the business that he has been so much a part of for the past 40 years, and is now ready to move on to new ventures

He is keen to produce something new, that reflects his vision, rather than continuing to deliver something that was the vision of others.  Chilli looks forward to welcoming customers to his new venture, more details of which will be released in due course

The riverside business is being acquired by Richard Cooper and his family to become part of their new Weswim venture.

Chilli joked that rumours that the business was being sold have been around almost as long as he has, but now it is true, he is selling up, and feels that an entirely new format for the premises will introduce something different to West Bay.

The final trading day for the Riverside in it’s current format, will be Bank Holiday Monday 28th May